Al B. Sure Put On Blast By His Own Son For Being A Dead-Beat Father!

We at The Kaleidoscope Factor balk at gossip and celebrity news unless there is some type of hypocrisy that we can pounce on. But recently, we have come across information that may not be news to those close to the story, but sort of relevant to others.

80’s heart-throb and music sensation Al B. Sure! has been accused by his son, Quincy Brown, of being a dead-beat father. It is remarkable how African American male celebrities can basically get away with murder and not be held accountable to their fan base for their actions. Al B. Sure! was every sistas dream man and potential father of their fantasy children.

Apparently, those unfortunate ladies who did end up with Al B. Sure and had subsequent children with him, got the short end of the stick.

But the one thing that I have to admire about this whole situation is the galant effort that Sean Puffy Combs has displayed in stepping into the role of Dad to Quincy Brown. I am not a Puffy fan, but I do admire him for steppingup to the plate that Al B. Sure! deserted. Check out the well-crafted letter of Quincy Brown to his father, Al B. Sure!:

A Letter To My Father

I’ve been inspired throughout my life by special circumstances and unique experiences.  Foremost, I grew up with a family that injected me with unconditional love and enduring confidence.  This is my foundation … the family holidays and celebrations with my maternal lineage … supportive smiles in audiences at school programs … guiding hands to complete homework and special projects in the wee hours of the morning.
However, I grew up without my father, an irreplaceable force and influence that was absent in my life. I watched other kids enjoy the embrace of theirs, and I searched for a way to reconcile the meaning of my circumstance.
Despite my pain, I’ve imagined a life as a good son with my father. Baseball …  Playing in School Band … Church … All of the things that he would expect his son to do, I’ve done.  I’ve stood in front of audiences to receive awards. I heard their applause and praise.  But, the accolades have been absent the sound of his clapping hands and encouraging words … his voice that I could distinguish in my sleep. Where has he been?
Now, I reflect on the journey, the pain, the challenges, and the triumphs through this song.  I’m reconciled as a man, no longer a boy, in verse.  Now, I know that I’m not alone.
Albert Brown, also known as “Al B Sure!” is my biological father, but Sean Combs, also known as “Diddy” has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember. Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father. He is the one who help mold me into the person I am today and will always try to live up to his expectations. He has always been supportive of me and I will forever love and respect him. As far as my biological father goes, the “spitting image” is all I have taken from him. Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered about him; Where he was? What was he doing? and most importantly, Was he even thinking about me? The absence of my father has given me a better understanding of what type of man I am going to be. I am grateful for my mom’s love, support, guidance, and for her strength.
To those who share my plight, know that you have a great future … a DESTINY.  Take the lemons that you are handed and make lemonade.  Your journey is in “A Letter To My Father.”

– Quincy “iQ” Brown

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Al B. Sure Put On Blast By His Own Son For Being A Dead-Beat Father!
  1. Run says:

    Any father who deserts his child does the child a favor, because he wasn’t man enough for the job anyways. You will grow into a strong, independent and successful man, and your father will one day need you. One of three things is certain: (1) though he hasn’t been there for you, he will in his old age still have the gall to ask you to “carry” him with the fruits of your labor (Ala the father in “Meet the Browns”), (2) he will be too ashamed to ask you for anything and shrink under any circumstances that leave him destitute, or (3) he will find a way to “craft” his way back in the door so he can reap the benefits of your success.

    Mary J. Blige and Chilly allowed their deadbeat fathers back into their lives (stupid IMO). Others, like D.L. Hughley and Shaq told their fathers to f*ck off! The longer it takes your father to come to you and start acting like a father, the harsher you should be, and at a certain point, just close the door. I did it, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself, because my “sperm donor” was a loser who just wasn’t man enough to be my father. For that, I thank him for staying away like he did; he actually did me a huge favor.

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