Update: Businessman and NBA Legend Dave Bing Wins Detroit Mayor Race!

Mayor-Elect Dave Bing

Mayor-Elect Dave Bing

Well. Looks like Detroiters have finally gotten it right! Maybe they read my commentary and found some inspiration. Who knows?

Mayor-Elect Dave Bing won the Detroit special election with 52% of the vote. In an interview Wednesday, Bing said that “the question here is how much work I can get done…in a very short period of time.” True. The backwards requirement of the ‘special election’ is that the new mayor will complete the last few months of Kwame Kilpatrick’s term. Come August, Detroit will hold another primary that will pick two more candidates to run for mayor in November.

So, what mayor-elect Dave Bing begins now, could very well be jeopardized by a new mayor-elect in November. The City Council in Detroit really needs to consider drafting a law into the city charter that abolishes that ridiculous nonsense of a ‘special election.’

Bing held out an olive branch to mayoral candidate Ken Cockrel, Jr. Wednesday morning after revealing to reporters that he had yet to hear from the City Council President that held the office of mayor after Kwame Kilpatrick resigned last fall. But the mayor-elect said that he would reach out to Cockrel because “we need to work together to get the city from where it is to where everybody wants it to go.”

LOL! If I know anything about Detroit politics, or politics in general, it will be a cold day in you know where before career politicians work together for the better good of their constituents.

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