Queen Of Soul: “I Made The Hat Famous! Where My Money?”

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin is at war again. Not with Beyonce or some wannabe pop goddess in training. No this war is about felt. A hat.

Sister Re-Re is definitely not happy with her milliner Luke Song. Who is Luke Song? Everyone in the fashion industry has been buzzed with extreme excitement over the work of Luke Song which is embodied in the grey felt, crystal lined bow hat that Aretha Franklin wore to the Obama inauguration.

The hat caused a stir heard around the world. The lips of every comedian alive couldn’t believe the comedic material that fell plum out of the sky. Because of the popularity of the hat, Luke Song has more than doubled his millinery business located in Detroit. Various versions of the hat named “the Aretha,” have flown off shelves just in time for Mother’s Day.

However, the Queen is not so happy with Mr. Song. In spite of the enormous success that her long-time hatter is now enjoying due to her appearance in it, the Queen wants more. Aretha wants recognition and royalties. Yep. Royalties.

Granted, Luke Song and Aretha did collaborate on the creation of the hat. Yet, the final artistic genius came from Song. But, Aretha believes that she should get a cut of “the Aretha” profits.

Sister Re-Re, you can’t get royalties off a hat. It is a hat, not a song. It’s a Song creation. But not a song…song.  No royalties there. No matter how peeved she may be at Luke Song for not mailing her a check, Queen Aretha wore a Mr. Song Millinery original to the Kentucky Derby.

Go Figure!

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