Michael Jackson, Music Icon, Dead At 50!

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3 comments on “Michael Jackson, Music Icon, Dead At 50!
  1. lawyermommy says:

    It is sad that he is dead and even sadder that he seemed to have died wizened, tired and alone.
    Micheal Jackson’s life is a lesson for everyone. You must be defined by yourself.

    He was defined by the media as a child molester. He was defined as weak and frail. He did not vigorously fight the press or go to the end to make sure he redefined himself.
    Look, even if Barack Obama was not elected President, anyone who decided to take on Michelle Obama would not get into her life without scars of real battle. Such attempts to redefine Michelle would never work.

    So, it is sad that such a great man like Michael Jackson died in the way that he did, however for everyone else I hope the lesson of life is clear. Life is fleeting, life can be cruel. Living full inspite of challenges and vermin is not for the weak and feeble of heart. Your life is what you demand that it is and stays!

    Turn the other cheek only when a baby “smacks” you. In all other instances when you life is interrupted and there is a wicked attempt to redefine you, do not take it at all. Do not turn the other cheek, go at it with a massive red hot poker. When attacked go for the attackers jugular. Of course, pray for directions on how to best to rout those who try to destroy one’s life.

    MJ may have died yesterday anyway even if he had fought to the end, but he would have died remebered as the man who would not take the mess that was being forced on him. The man who would not give into blackmail. The man who stood strong in spite of adversity.

    People, life is not for the faint hearted. This is all you have as your own “YOUR VERY LIFE”.. you cannot allow anything or anyone to define and force it into the way they think or deign. Being conciliatory and going into hiding like Michael Jackson did, simply made him more of a target.

    I am distraught by this death because I wish that in life he had fought the good fight to the end.

    Sad sad day!

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Hello Lawyermom,

      Thank you for your elegant and heartfelt response to the death of an ICON: Michael Jackson. I am very devaststated and absolutely beyond words at this time. I will post a tribute article shortly.

      Tracey Ricks Foster

  2. camla says:

    I am so sad about that his has dead but i know that his music will live for ever

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