Jackson Family Demands Private Autopsy Says Rev. Jesse Jackson!


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson‘s family wants a private autopsy of the pop icon because of unanswered questions about how he died and the doctor who was with him, the civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson said Saturday.

“It’s abnormal,” he told The Associated Press from Chicago a day after visiting the Jackson family. “We don’t know what happened. Was he injected and with what? All reasonable doubt should be addressed.”

People close to Jackson have said since his death that they were concerned about the superstar’s use of painkillers. Los Angeles County medical examiners completed an autopsy Friday and said Jackson had taken prescription medication.

Medical officials also said there was no indication of trauma or foul play. An official cause of death could take weeks.

The coroner’s office released the body to Jackson’s family Friday night. There was no immediate word on whether the second autopsy was being performed right away. Jesse Jackson described the family as grief-stricken.

“They’re hurt because they lost a son. But the wound is now being kept open by the mystery and unanswered questions of the cause of death,” he said.

Two days after Jackson died at a Los Angeles hospital, his most famous sister, Janet, arrived at the mansion Jackson had been renting. She drove up in a Bentley and left without addressing reporters.

Moving vans also showed up at the Jackson home, leaving about an hour later. There was no indication what they might have taken away.

There was also no word from the Jackson family on funeral plans. Many of Jackson’s relatives have gathered at the family’s Encino compound, caring there for Jackson’s three children.

A person close to the family told The Associated Press they feel upset and angry about a lack of information about those who were around the pop superstar in his final days. The person requested anonymity because of the delicate nature of the situation.

Jackson had been rehearsing for 50 London concerts aimed at restoring his crown as the King of Pop. He died Thursday at age 50 after what his family said appeared to be cardiac arrest.

A 911 call from Jackson’s rented home reported that his personal doctor was trying to revive him without success. Police have talked to Dr. Conrad Murray and have said they intend to speak with him again but have stressed he is not a criminal suspect.

Murray has yet to speak publicly since Jackson’s death. Police towed his car from Jackson’s home hours after Jackson died and said later it could contain medication or other evidence. Coroner’s officials also said Jackson was taking prescription medication but declined to elaborate.

A lawyer at a Houston firm, William M. Stradley, confirmed Murray had hired his firm and said one of its partners was meeting with Los Angeles police on Saturday. Stradley said Murray accompanied Michael Jackson to the hospital.

“He was there from the beginning and he’s been cooperating with police from the very beginning,” Stradley said. “Dr. Murray has never left L.A. since Mr. Jackson’s death, and he remains there.”

Murray lives in Las Vegas but apparently left his practice and moved in with Jackson about two weeks ago. No one answered the door Saturday at his Las Vegas home, which property records show Murray bought five years ago for $1.1 million.

The promoter of the series of London concerts that Jackson was to begin next month has said Jackson personally insisted Murray be on the payroll.

Also Saturday, spiritual teacher Dr. Deepak Chopra said he had been concerned since 2005 that Jackson was abusing prescription painkillers and most recently spoke to the pop star about suspected drug use six months ago.

Chopra said Jackson, a longtime friend, asked him for painkillers in 2005 when the singer was staying with him following his trial on sex abuse allegations. Chopra said he refused. He also said the nanny of Jackson’s children repeatedly contacted him with concerns about Jackson’s drug use over the next four years.

He said she told him a number of doctors would visit Jackson’s homes in Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Whenever the subject came up, Jackson would avoid his calls, Chopra said.



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4 comments on “Jackson Family Demands Private Autopsy Says Rev. Jesse Jackson!
  1. Shaun Deltoro says:

    If there is one thing this world has to mourn about, its the fact that we have forgotten about our true King. He is not the king of pop, neither was he the king of rock n’roll. He was born in a manger, a man who lived in the most humble and lowly circumstances, a man who “knew not where to lay his head”. A man “who went about doing good.” A man who died for you and me, and the entire race of human beings, not one of whom has been excluded from his great sacrifice. I ask you, who is the King the world has forgotten. Which King is best interested in your own well-being and genuine happiness? Was it Elvis? Was it Michael? Was it any earthly icon who practiced music as part of their life’s legacy? Or was it the babe born in the most humblest of circumstances? Who rightly deserves our praise, our love, our time, our attention, our gratitude?

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Thank You Shaun for your comment!

      I don’t think anyone can truly question the fact that Jesus Christ is the solution to a lot of this world’s problems. Most Christians who profess Christianity would agree.

      However, Michael Jackson’s sudden death at 50 has hit everyone hard. Even if Michael Jackson was just an ordinary guy that only a fraction of folks in his city knew, his death would still be shocking and devastating for those who loved him. The fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson is known all over the globe. Literally. That is why the impact and enormity of his passing is so massive.

      I am sure that his mother, Katherine, who is a devote Jehovah’s Witness, along with sister Maureen, are very much aware as to whom the ‘true king’ is. But in this instance, I am positive that they also recognize that their son/brother brought a tremendous amount of joy to the hearts of many lonely and desperate souls. That fact can not ever be denied. Michael Jackson never equated himself to be ‘god’ or ‘godlike.’ Only the King of Popular Music.

      What is wrong with that?

      • Shaun DelToro says:

        The problem with that Tracey is that too many people fall on their hands and knees almost as if someone greater than human died. The rich and famous are not so praiseworthy for thier worldly accomplishments in the afterlife. The only ones who will be counted praiseworthy are those who did their most important duties, such as family, obeying God, and serving others.

        I won’t say the king of pop didn’t do any of these things, nor will i judge his situation since I don’t have a place to judge, but i can tell you this: the ones who usually gain praises of this world here in this life seldom find their way in the next life.

  2. SoleilPerfide says:

    Vraiment bien répondu!!

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