Walter Emanuel Jones, Original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Allegedly Arrested For DUI! Now Reports Are That It Was For DWI! Driving While Black! Huntsville Police Officer Under Investigation According To Sources!


Alright folks! Here I go! A couple of days ago, The Kaleidoscope Factor became aware of ANOTHER case involving police officers guilty of acting badly which actually translates into Caucasian law enforcement officers arresting African American men for no reason at all.

Since I happen to know this African American man, I am going to say that the Huntsville, Al. officer “acted stupidly.” Walter Emanuel Jones, also known as the original Black Ranger from the wildly successful cult television show, “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” was reportedly arrested on a DUI offense. Does he look drunk in the above mug shot? No!

Now, reports coming out of Huntsville, Al. are stating this:

Walter Emanuel Jones attended a Power Rangers convention held in Huntsville and drove into a gas station at around 4am Sunday to ask for some directions. Upon leaving the gas station, Jones was pulled over by the Huntsville police for failure to dim lights. The Huntsville police officer gave Jones several field sobriety tests; which he PASSED every single one. But the officer cuffed Jones anyway and placed him under arrest, took him to jail and booked him. Later, Jones was released on bail.

The Huntsville arresting officer is currently under investigation. I am going to say it and continue to say it: There are police officers that truly honor the citizens they have sworn to protect and serve. Then you have the select few who see the badge as an ego booster. They use that badge to wage a personal war based on their own ideology which holds no merit and they could care less who are intimidated by it.

Walter Emanuel Jones is not as well known as Skip Gates in some circles, his case will probably not be heatedly debated on CNN, but he still an African American man. A human being that doesn’t deserve to be treated like a criminal simply because a police officer has decided that he wants to show a citizen whose in charge in order to make himself seem like a big man on campus.

Walter Emanuel Jones is a friend of mine and the Huntsville police officer that arrested him “acted stupidly” and I’ll go as far as to say that that officer ‘racially profiled’ him and took him in for no other reason than DWB. Driving While Black. Driving while Black in the South! Yep! I said it! I can guarantee that there won’t be a meeting at the White House over a few beers with President Obama presiding either. Why? Because if President Obama held a mediation reagrding each and every case like this one and Skip Gates, he would never get any work done because his schedule would be filled from morning to evening, seven days a week!

So to those of you who believe the Skip Gates/Sgt. Crowley situation was a random case, stop and ask a Black man when was the first and most recent time that a police officer stopped him for doing absolutely nothing but minding his own business? Ask him how many city blocks a squad car tailed him for no reason? See, I already know the answer to those questions. I am also well aware of the millions of dollars that cities across the country are shelling out to citizens for wrongful arrests. So, what is my advice to Walter?

Get a good attorney! I see a HUGE SETTLEMENT in your future! Then again, it is Huntsville, Al. I guess this going to have to be another “teaching moment.”

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Walter Emanuel Jones, Original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Allegedly Arrested For DUI! Now Reports Are That It Was For DWI! Driving While Black! Huntsville Police Officer Under Investigation According To Sources!
  1. Red Ranger says:

    Good going, Black Ranger. You know better than to get caught driving while black.

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