BREAKING NEWS: Katherine Jackson Awarded Permanent Custody of Grandchildren! Now Seeking Co-Executorship of Michael Jackson’s Billion Dollar Estate!

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson has been granted permanent custody of her grandchildren, Prince Michael I, Paris Katherine, and Prince Michael II. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff also granted Debbie Rowe, the children’s mother, visitation per psychiatric counseling on the children’s behalf.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff will hear Katherine Jackson’s petition to be named co-executor of Michael Jackson’s estate; temporary executorship was given to longtime Jackson attorneys John McClain and John Braca. Katherine Jackson’s petition alledges that McClain and Braca have willfuly and unjustifiably kept “her in the dark” about important matters regarding Michael Jackson’s estate.

Attorneys for McClain and Braca contend that that statement and those in that vain are “inaccurate.” The issue concerning disclosure is one of confidentiality. John Braca and John McClain argue that full disclosure of her son’s estate is provisional if Katherine Jackson adheres to the confidentialty clause that restricts third parties from having access. Katherine Jackson has refused those terms.

A decision will be rendered by Judge Mitchell Beckloff later Monday as to the permanent executorship of Michael Jackson’s estate.

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