BREAKING NEWS: Malaria’s Origins Found In Chimpanzees!

Malaria Cells

Malaria Cells

Scientists have found the origins of malaria. The human strain of malaria can be traced to chimpanzee malaria. The chimpanzee malaria DNA is older than the human DNA which proves that malaria jumps from chimpanzees to humans using the dreaded mosquito as a conduit.

Biologists say that plasmodium reichenowl, the chimpanzee strain of malaria, is similar in genetic code to plasmodium falciparum, or the human strain of malaria and probably was transmitted to humans thousands of years of ago, if not more. However, this major discovery has not  brought researchers any closer to finding a cure, or a viable vaccine for the millions who die from malaria each year.

The vast majority of malaria infections and death occur in Africa, south of the Sahara. 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa. Malaria is Africa’s leading cause of death in children five and under. 500 million Africans are infected annually. A million die yearly due to the dreaded disease. Malaria is resistant to the widely used and affordable antimarial drug, chloroquine. More expensive antimalarial drugs are now being used but because of cost, most African hospitals can not afford the cost. Some say that the more expensive drugs are just as resistant to the malaria strain and therefore not worth the price tag.

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