Sherri Shepherd’s Big Reveal In A Bathing Suit: An ABC Ratings Bonanza, An Image Boost For Shepherd, Or Laughable Material For Comics? You Decide!

shepherd-bThe View’s Sherri Shepherd made good on her promise to wear a bathing suit on the show after getting her body prepped for summer. On Thursday, Shepherd strolled on stage in a one piece swimsuit that looked to be of some sort of lycra material.

While we at The Kaleidoscope Factor applaud the weight loss, we can not stand behind that body! How glad we were that Sherri Shepherd didn’t go with the original plan of coming out in a two piece bikini!

To reward Shepherd for the tremendous effort that she put forth to boost The View’s ratings, executive producer Bill Getty provided a feast of ribs, macaroni and cheese, corn bread and every other fatty food. This will almost guarantee that next year, the summer of 2010, Shepherd will be  forced to do a repeat as a sure ratings winner!

Oh the horror!!!

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