BREAKING NEWS: John Edwards: “I AM The Father!” Sources Say Edward Will Publicly Admit That He Fathered A Child With Former Mistress!


 A full year after former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards publicly admitted to having an affair with a member of his campaign staff, sources close to Edwards dish that he will now admit that a child was produced from that relationship.

Speculation as to the paternity of videographer and former Edwards’ aide Rielle Hunter’s eighteen month old daughter, Frances, was the fire that fueled the rumor mill for months in 2007 and 2008 when pictures surfaced showing a smiling John Edwards holding the baby girl. Soon after, Edwards admitted having an affair with Rielle Hunter but was cagey in his response as to whether he was the father of her child.

Elizabeth Edwards was asked recently on the “Oprah Show” what she would do if hypothetically the child in question was actually her husband’s. She commented that as far as she knew the child was not John’s and that if it was, it meant nothing to her and her world. Very confusing answer that really didn’t make any sense to Oprah or the viewing audience. Perhaps it was the shock of the situation that was speaking and not Elizabeth Edwards. How could she not be shocked and heart-broken to learn that her loving husband stepped out on her while she battled terminal cancer?

Wouldn’t it had been easier on the Edwards family if John Edwards would have just openly admitted that he had an affair and a child was conceived from it? Why all of this miniseries drama? It is not like the public believed Edwards anyway when he denied, or attempted to deny parenting Rielle Hunter’s child.

Well, if and when John Edwards holds a press conference to disclose this ‘revelation,’ who is going to really care at this point? The main idea is owning up to responsiblity and repairing the marriage. Elizabeth Edwards says that process has already begun. If that is the case, then she knew the whole truth from the start and was forced to publicly lie about what she knew.

All this double talk gives us a whopper migraine! Guess its all in the game.

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One comment on “BREAKING NEWS: John Edwards: “I AM The Father!” Sources Say Edward Will Publicly Admit That He Fathered A Child With Former Mistress!
  1. P.Neisman says:

    No surprise there -just another Tiger Woods -lying, cheating….paying for it now.

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