Protesters And Health Care Reform Take Their Debate To A Dangerous Level!

town hall protester

It is truly frightening to watch the debate on universal health care reform every day on the news. Not only are there angry mob scenes, but also protesters against health care reform outfitted with pictures of President Obama scribbled over to look like Hitler and assault weapons.

The only things missing are the pitchforks and blazing torches!

Is there not a decent person in America that sees the danger in such antisocial behavior that actually perpetuates the same terroristic patterns that radical Muslim fundamentalists breed? The same patterns that led to 9/11 and the violence in the Middle East? When protesters show up at town hall meetings strapped all that says about America is that we are an ignorant, backwards society of people desperately in need of some form of reformation. How did a discussion turn into a gun show?

The question of universal health care has entire segements of the American public up in arms over a basic right and freedom that countries around the world envy the United States for: the pursuit of liberty, happiness, and justice for all. How is it just for select Americans to receive ultimate health care and those without means to suffer severely until these clog emergency rooms around the country, drive hospital costs sky high, and to pay for the uninsured, the costs are passed right on down to the consumer?

Those who are against universal health care reform need to think twice about the ramifications of allowing the very sick health insurance industry to putt along banking millions of tax payer dollars. The health insurance industry is a legalized racket, one of the last of its’ kind that sucks billions from Americans while paying out less and less for claims. Last years, the health insurance industry paid out top level management a surplus of almost eleven million fat ones. There are a couple of well-known health insurance CEO’s that have been paid in the double digits of millions for their services.

How is that possible? Insurance companies thrive off of denying legitimate claims to policy holders. How many stories have surfaced concerning big time insurance companies denying claims of those seeking cancer treatment, organ transplants, mediacl supplies, postpartum and senior medical assistance? Insurance companies hike co-pays on wellness visits, lab work, vaccinations, oxygen and diabetic supplies, nursing care and other important medical treatment?

It is really sad that there is a segement of the American population who would rather live their lives in the Dark Ages and want to force progressive Americans to do the same. Kinda reminds one of the Civil Rights Movement. To those who oppose universal health care:

Did you know that children in this country top those that are uninsured in America?

Did you also know that the five bills proposed by the House and Senate state nothing about “death panels?”

Did you know that if you contract certain rare cancers, a great deal of name brand insurance companies will not cover your treatment?

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