Real Housewives Of Atlanta Nene Leakes: “I Keep It Real!” Nope. She Keeps It Ghetto And Tacky!

nene-leaks-2 “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” is a ratings bonanza and the best of the “Housevives” franchise to date. Nene Leakes, the break-out star of the Atlanta series, positions herself as a down sista, always ‘keepin’ it real’ in whatever the situation. Season one, that attitude was refreshing.

Season two, not so refreshing. This season of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” Nene Leakes shows her arrogance and immaturity in spades. Showing off for the cameras instead of ‘keepin’ it real,’ has been the mantra for Leakes. From fighting with Kim, starting ignorant crap in upscale restaurants, and general backstabbing antics, Nene Leakes’ behavior has peaked along with her gigantic ego. If ‘keepin’ it real’ means acting petty and ghetto, well Leakes is doing a great job at it.

The episode currently airing features Nene getting loud and obnoxious at Sheree’s independence party. Nene is apparently upset that Kim has decided to record a song with out her as planned. Egomaniac Nene goes on to tell Kim that the record won’t sell without her voice on it because, in her mind, she’s famous enough to carry the both of them. I don’t know if Nene is acting for the cameras or what, but the tirade that follows is unbecoming of the class act that she claims to be.

Calling Kandi Buress a ‘country bumpkin’ is like the kettle calling the pot black, Nene! The last time we checked, you were born and raised in Georgia, and currently reside there. What does that make you, sistafriend? That is straight up insulting to Kandi, her mother, and every other sista born and bred in the South! Not only that, in past episodes, Nene has called Kandi ‘ghetto’ or ‘a little ghetto.’ It is interesting that she would call Kandi out on qualities that she herself exhibits frequently.

In her book, “Never Make The Same Mistake Twice,” Nene Leakes dishes about her acting aspirations and various acting gigs, saying that the ‘Housewives’ show isn’t based in reality tv, but pure fiction. If Leakes is claiming that she is merely ‘acting’ when she shows her behind being ghetto, she should enroll at the Strausberg School of Acting and learn method acting. I am not feeling Nene Leakes right about now. The class act that she insists on being is obviously not the real her.

At this point, Nene Leakes has proven herself to be as fake as the seven figure smile Sheree wears and the  shiny blond wigs that Kim is selling.

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3 comments on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta Nene Leakes: “I Keep It Real!” Nope. She Keeps It Ghetto And Tacky!
  1. lee says:

    I use to like this chick but her ego has gotten to big I think alot of people will agree she is full of herself it’s really sad to see sisters doing any and everything for fame and money Kandi is much classier than nene leakes, NeNe is putting it on real good for the cameras this trick got a little fame and lost her mind she is not keeping it real keeping it real is not that garbage of a show she is putting on. Bravo love making fools out of these black women

    • pattiosto says:

      omgif we are o keep it real bravo is not paying these so called ladies to be black fools (just fools)they knew this going inas did the other women on the oc,new york let them be resonsible for the way they represent. money and fame make us do foolish things and so does youth and none of these ladies are youthful phisicallythis is going to bite them in the@$% and it appears that the men do not have jobs they are hanging on for the ride for dear life and are condoning behavior they mightnot want to be public if they have any balls they would put a stop to there wives from draging them and the culture in the dirt .BE BLACK BE WHITE BE ASIAN BUT BE PROUD BECAUSE THERE IS NO BLACK OR WHITE ANYMORE ITS ALL ABOUT US

  2. Bridgette says:

    Nene is a ruthless famewhore bullly! She didn’t come off like this on the first season of Bravo’s Real housewives but now It’s obvious that the attention she received has seriously went to her head, she seems arrogant now & throughout the seasons has became so ruthless in her attempt to hold film time that she verbally attacks (she physically attacked Kim Zolciak) many of her castmates RHWOA (Celebrity apprentice as well) to create drama! Doesn’t she know that viewers can see right through her! Please! This is not the way a classy woman would ever act! She needs to get a life, a reality check & and take some anger management classes as well!

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