BREAKING NEWS: President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize!


President Barack Obama was awakened this morning around 6am and told that he is the 2009 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee announced that the President received the award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

President Obama will make an official statement this morning at 10:30am in the Rose Garden.

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2 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
  1. Marianne says:

    That is a real joke. Whoever did this are idiots.

    Some people work their entire lives for peace and mankind. Others endanger their lives for others. He just shows up with BS, crashes things even more, and he gets rewarded. This takes away from the true intent of the Prize.

    Obama cannot work for peace if he is not smart enough to know who the bad guys are. It is worse when he sleeps with them.

    I will ignore his talk. Do not need to upset my breakfast. Just more BS. I bet the terrorists are happy.

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Thanks Marianne for your comment!

      The majority of the world has no idea about the what, when, who and why when it comes to the Nobel Peace Prize in the first place. Most people in this country can not name the last five Nobel Peace Prize winners in ANY category! It is a shame that folks are allowing themselves to get bent out of shape over a matter of which normally they could really care less!

      The Nobel Prize Committee made a surprise decision with good reason.

      As soon as President Obama accepted the oath, he vigilantly broke down the barriers that former President Bush put up. America was hated these last eight years because of the nonsensical preemptive strike/war that this country began in Iraq. That so-called ‘war on terror’ to get the terrorists and Sadaam Hussein for the crimes of 9/11 was based on trumped up facts that have since been proven to be false. But in the meantime, America did the unthinkable and went into a country that hadn’t attacked us and that went against the code and ethics of the civilized world.

      In the past nine months, President Barack Obama has done more to bring a healthy line of communication back between other countries and the US than Bush and Clinto put together!

      If you read The Kaleidosope Factor regularly, you would have known that information. At the G20 Summit, President Obama brought together the leaders of Russia and France to address the Iran nuclear issue. Instead of invading Iran, or producing fake pics and info, President Obama partner with two other countries, and in a joint effort, shedded light on the goings on with Iran.

      I think President Obama is just as surprised as you and I about winning the Nobel Prize. But in nine months, he has definitely rebuilt bridges with the world. He has spoke about peace all across the world. AND…if Americans would stop acting like stubborn mules, maybe President Obama could accomplish more at home! So, instead of sipping on that gallon of hatorade, grab a glass of Kool-aid, cherry, and hope for the best!

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