President Obama Signs Several Bills Into Law: H.R. 1209, H.J. Res. 26, H.R.3606


On Friday, November 6, 2009, the President signed into law:


H.J.Res. 26, which proclaims Casimir Pulaski to be an honorary citizen of the United States posthumously;


H.R. 1209, the “Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin Act of 2009,” which requires the Department of the Treasury to mint and issue coins in recognition and celebration of the establishment of the Medal of Honor in 1861;


H.R. 3548, the “Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009,” which provides an additional 14 weeks of emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) in all States and six additional weeks of EUC in very high unemployment States; extends the Federal Unemployment Tax Act surtax through June 30, 2011; extends the $8,000 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit through April 30, 2010, and provides a $6,500 credit to certain other homebuyers through April 30, 2010; increases from two to five preceding years the period for which businesses can offset net operation losses in 2008 and 2009 against income; and makes certain other changes to Federal unemployment programs and tax laws;


H.R. 3606, the “Credit CARD Technical Corrections Act of 2009,” which amends the Truth in Lending Act to make a technical correction to an amendment made by the Credit CARD Act of 2009;


S. 832, which grants a Federal charter to the Military Officers Association of America; and


S. 1694, which allows funding for the Commerce Department’s Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program to remain available for an additional two years through FY 2012.

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One comment on “President Obama Signs Several Bills Into Law: H.R. 1209, H.J. Res. 26, H.R.3606
  1. Mark says:

    Way cool EUC passed I wouldn’t expect another one.

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