Remarks By President Obama On Native American Heritage Day

President Barack Obama And Prime Minister Singh of India

Statement by the President on Native American Heritage Day 


“Tomorrow,  Americans everywhere will observe our National Day of Thanksgiving.  It will be a time of celebration and reflection as we gather with family and friends to count our blessings and remember those less fortunate.  But it will also be a time to remember how this holiday began– as a harvest celebration between European settlers and the American Indians who had been living and thriving on the continent for thousands of years.” 


“That is why on Friday, I encourage every American to join me in observing Native American Heritage Day.  My Administration is committed to strengthening the nation to nation relationship with  tribal governments. But it is also important for all of us to understand the rich culture, tradition and history of Native Americans and their status today- and to appreciate the contributions that First Americans have made, and will continue to make to our Nation.”




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One comment on “Remarks By President Obama On Native American Heritage Day
  1. I think this is garbage. How many First Nations people even know about this day? A lot of people that I talk to who are First Nations would raise their eye brows.

    If Obama really cared about First Nations people he’d protect their land and their rights.
    He doesn’t.

    He allows corportations to destroy sacred lands.

    He allows public mockery of burials like Wounded Knee.

    He even funds treaties that protect companies that wrong ways of drilling and digging in Peru.

    This is a joke.
    Arizona also passed a law that targets people who look like they could be foreigners. First Nations people are frequently mistaken as Latinos. Some Latinos are First Nations and have a right to be onthe land.

    I know this is long winded, but the more I see and hear of what is going on, the more I have to conclude that Obama says one thing but does another. He has no loyalties to First Nations people of the Americas.

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