Tweets From Haiti

Testimonials and requests for help from Haiti on the web

On Twitter @RAMhaiti
2:27 p.m.: We are ok at the Oloffson..thanx for asking..surrounding neighborhoods have been hit hard..logistical help is minimal
1:25 p.m.: I see bodies in the street..I see bodies buried in rubble..there are going to be food, medical supply and water issues.. decomposing bodies.
1:05 p.m.: We still feel occasional tremors here but they’re not that logistical support to speak of.
12:55 a.m.: People are buried in the St Gerard School by St Gerard Church..we heard voices in the rubble.I saw official vehicles in area.

On Twitter @Internethaiti
2:20 p.m.: Petit-Goave should be severely affected (Petit-Goave devrait être durement touchée)
1:29 p.m.: More than ever, Internet is vital in Haiti, like water and electricity
3:07 a.m.: last aftershock in Haiti was at 02:23 ET with 4.4 magnitude #Haiti #HaitiQuake #HelpHaiti
2:07 a.m.: Two new aftershock at 01:48 and 01:58 ET with 4.5 and 4.7 magnitude #Haiti #HaitiQuake #HelpHaiti

On Twitter @troylivesay
3:38 a.m.: Church groups are singing throughout the city all through the night in prayer. It is a beautiful sound in the middle of a horrible tragedy
Jan. 12 | 5:24 p.m.: Just experienced a MAJOR earthquake here in Port au Prince – walls were falling down. – we are ALL fine – pray for those in the slums
Jan. 12 | 8:20 p.m.: In our area mostly exterior walls fallen – people afraid to re-enter their homes…
Jan. 12 |8:22 p.m.: Tipap made it home from Carrefour – saw many dead bodies and injured along the way – said most buidings w/more than one story are down

On Twitter @fredodupoux
2:00 p.m.: Just saw tijoe zenny driving down canapevert ! No he’s not dead
1:41 p.m.: People camping on the saint therese parc in petion ville
12:41 a.m.: dead bodies are everywhere i havent seen one ambulance or any proffesionl med care anywhere in port-au-prince
Jan. 12 | 6:05 p.m.: Words on the streets part of Hotel Montana Fell , exagone is cracked. houses in canape vert fell down #haiti #eq”

On Twitter @VICE2K
12:00 p.m.: Ohhh my god this is an ongoing nightmareeeeeeee….RIP JC……
12:02 p.m.: yes it’s confirmed…sad man sad….We’re devastated over here… I wanna shut my eyes and hope this is all a nightmare!!!
9:14 a.m.: OMG I was hoping to wake up today and find out it was all a nightmare but its getting worst and worst!!!

On Twitter @tyrabanks
2:42 p.m.: My thoughts are w/ all those suffering in Haiti during this major catastrophe. I donated, u should too: text “YELE” to 50 …

On Twitter @wyclef
5:10 a.m.: My flight leaves for the D R n one hour! Can’t fly into haiti direct as you know pray for the people of haiti n me please #warriors

On Twitter @yelehaiti
2:25 a.m.: I cannot stress enough what a human disaster this is, and idle hands will only make this tragedy worse.

On Twitter @407Rob
2 p.m.: Consumed w finding friend in Port-au-Prince #Haiti. have any contacts there DM me please. His wife has not had cntc. Was at #MontannaHotel

On Twitter @bluenotebetty
1:19 p.m.: #PLEASEHELP! looking for# family/friends in #Haiti. Greg Love, John Maples, and Clayton Stoltzfus. Contact me ASAP with info, please #Haiti

On Twitter @yatalley
2:30 p.m.: the road from Port-au-prince to jacmel is cut and there’s no way to pass…even on a rhino or a motorcycle.
12:58 p.m.: and the ONLY hospital in jacmel is DOWN

On Twitter @yvescolon
11:42 p.m.: one aunt is OK, but still no word about mom. Any news on Rue St. Surin on Canape Vert road? Can’t reach my mom.

On Twitter @LadyDior47
1:36 p.m.: do you know what neighborhood rue l’enterrement is in? My aunt owns a store there. I cannot get in contact with her 😦

On Twitter @iamadopted
1:32 p.m.: checking my school email to see if there has been an update on the Lynn University students in Haiti

On Twitter @lmroces
1:12 p.m.: Does anybody know the status of the Salesian Sisters in Haiti? We have received little word.

On Twitter @haiti
1:18 p.m.: No Cathedral. Entire Holy Trinity complex, convent for the Sisters of St. Margaret , Ep. Bishop’s house, College St. Pierre is gone.
1:17 p.m.: Apartment for College St. Pierre still standing. Bishop Duracene no longer has a house in which to live.


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One comment on “Tweets From Haiti
  1. Hilton says:

    Please, anyone with information about Louise Lamand who resides a la rue jardine by herself. let me know at or 617-388-2829
    she is the only family i have left.
    thank you

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