MISSING IN HAITI: Families Searching For Loved Ones

This post is from family members looking for their loved ones missing in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. If you have any information, please contact immediately:



A la Rue Jardine, Haiti

Contact: hiltonora@yahoo.com, 617-388-2829





Port au Prince, Haiti

Contact: Edith Francois, 813-325-8933 


Jean Marie Laguerre

Delma31 RU Magvana No 7

Contact: deia815@yahoo.com


Francisco Landrin

La Maison Restaurant

Roule – Claircine #27

Contact: Darline, Boynton Beach, FL


I am looking for my mother,a mother of  8, she travelled from canada to haiti about a month ago,she is supposed to have been in the place cazeau, delmas area in port-au-prince. If anyone has any information to call me at ,and her number in haiti is 3697 3348 or 3679 3314, i am also looking for my father, i believe he was in carrefour,port-au-prince at the time of the earthquake his number is 3472 9305,some of his close family are alfred francois,alphone francois, natasha francois, marlene francois, all lives in carrefour.My mother s sister Genese lafleur,does own a school in place cazeau,delmas , very close to where my mother lived, if any one has any information.My mother s brothers who also live very close to her are kilsaint lafleur, Narum lafleur, Berlamy lafleur.If anyone has any information.

Missing: Joeri Arion, 28 years. Lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Stayed as a guest with mr.Pierre Noel Bien Aime at the in the district Carrefour in the city of Port-auPrince in the area Arcachoun.Have not heard anything form him since the earthquake. So have no idea where is is and if he”s safe. if anyone has seen or heard anything form him, please contact me at elaise@live.nl

Hi everyone, i am asking if anyone has seen my two brothers Harold and Daniel. Harold is the one on the left in the first picture and Daniel is the one on the right in the second picture. The guys had gone to a funeral in Lazile and we haven’t been able to hear from them since the earthquake occurred. So, if someone has either seen them or know about the situation in Lazile, please let me know. You can either e-mail me at lisaboussiquot@yahoo.com or call me at . My brothers’ numbers are 3461-51-80 and 3402-61-36.


We are looking for our mother/grandmother and other family members. Solange Michel is on the left, Gisele Alexis is in the middle, and Antonine Louis is on the right. We have not been able to make contact with any of the three. They are in the Butte Boyer, Croix Des Bouquets region. Any news would be appreciated. Please e-mail  romicge@hotmail.com.

My family is looking for Marie Elvire Sylvain, She works at Bank Central (B&H). We have not been in touch with her at all. Does anyone know if the Bank Central Building is still standing? Has international help arrived in that area of Port-au-Prince? If you have any information about Elvire, please send an email to s_bonneannee@hotmail.com or post a comment on her facebook page.

Wildjine Dossous, 11 years old, Delmas 72 (colonie) Mme Milo  40 years old Demas 97 Wikil Dossous (black Funky) 40 years old Delmas 72 (colonie)Please Help us, We are in Montreal (Quebec) and can not get in touch with them sence the day the earthquake happened. If any body have news about the situatiion between delmas 95 and route de frere and ecole des soeurs de Margueritte d Youville at Petion Ville  Please  response.

Iam yves Horace, I am looking my parent in Haiti, port au prince, in delmas 24 citee cadet rue tessier # 35. The names of family are venante Charles my mom, my pierre-richard, Piquant Joseph, Luckne Demond, my sister Danielle Demond Clemont and Kesnel Clemont, Papouche, Daphnee. 011509-3691-2265, 011509-3460-5351,011509-3463-3145,011509-750-0129,011509-3407-0531.011509-3505-8860,011509-362-1700,011509-3632-1703. My address is 1153 17th ave north apt 3 lake worth 33460 561-503-5602 please contact me.

those are my my family live in haiti location carrfour cotes plage,rue titus any one have information about those pictures please let me know my #561 3520577my is suzie alexandre. Their mothers live in france.

My sister, her husband and their two young kids. They live in Delmas 60 Musseau impass tatas petit #8 a l’int. Please oh please help us find them so my mom and i can actually sleep at night. We have not heard from them since the day of the disaster in haiti. Any info at all please email me at murm09@gmail.com


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2 comments on “MISSING IN HAITI: Families Searching For Loved Ones
  1. Yvette Dorval says:

    I am looking for Edwin Pierrot, he lives in Port-Au-Prince. His brothers Herve & Ralph Pierrot are also missing. If you have any information on them, please contact Yvette Dorval at 973-996-8122 or via email at dorvalnotary@gmail.com Let’s continue to pray for everyone that was affected by this disaster. Edwin, I miss you and I am praying to see you again!

    • Yvette Dorval says:

      Received good news last night that EDWIN & HERVE PIERROT are ALIVE in HAITI. My prayers were answered. Never give up hope! I can’t wait to reunited again. Let’s continue to pray for the people of Haiti and for those who have lost loved ones in this sad disaster. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 973-996-8122 or via email at dorvalnotary@gmail.com

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