Readout of Inter-Agency Coordination and Presidential Briefing on Holiday Threats

Readout of Inter-Agency Coordination and Presidential Briefing on Holiday Threats

This morning, John Brennan convened an inter-agency coordination call 
with Secretary Napolitano, DNI Clapper, NCTC Director Leiter, 
National Security Staff travelling with the President in Hawaii, 
and other representatives from the FBI, CIA, and the counterterrorism community.  

During the call, they reviewed our continued efforts to stay vigilant 
throughout the holiday season, and to coordinate with our foreign partners.

Later this morning, President Obama received a briefing on our ongoing 
counter-terrorism efforts from National Security Staff Senior Director 
for Counterterrorism Nick Rasmussen and Deputy National Security Advisor for 
Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes.  

The President was also briefed on the tragic traffic accident that took the 
lives of a number of American citizens in Egypt, and the U.S. government’s 
ongoing efforts to support the victims and their families.


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One comment on “Readout of Inter-Agency Coordination and Presidential Briefing on Holiday Threats
  1. […] There has been a most serious development that the Indian National Security Adviser (NSA) Shiv Shankar Menon falsely stated at the Asian security conference currently being held in Singapore, that it is evident that sections of the community of analysts in other countries have started questioning the security of India’s nuclear arsenal should India be unable to reverse the successes of the Maoists. The NSA has explained why the Maoists do not pose a threat to India’s nuclear arsenal. It is a purely rural-based insurgency with very little support in the urban areas. It is purely an Indian movement with an Indian agenda and not a global movement with a global agenda. He further stated that since Maoists’ movement recruits mainly from the semi-literate or illiterate tribal communities, the Internet holds no attraction for them. It has not shown much interest in typical terrorist operations like aviation or maritime terrorism. It is old insurgency still inspired and influenced by Mao’s Yenan model and not new insurgency. Though Mr. Menon’s speech sounds “no real threat” from the Maoists but the reality speaks otherwise. It has been repeatedly brought to the limelight the issue of global threat posed by Maoists. This threat maximized specially due to the ability of these forces to exploit their current power to grab Nukes, Uranium and lot more from the potential Nuclear Installations located in the areas under the control of these insurgents. The recent incidents of Uranium theft in India are not hidden from the eyes of the world community. Recent radioactive contamination in Delhi due to exposure to Cobalt also raised huge alarms and caught UN’s attention that has formed a commission to probe this matter. These facts are enough to prove the lethality of Maoists/Naxals as during the first five months of 2010, six States have suffered fatalities in the security forces at the hands of Maoists-Chattisgarh (103 ), West Bengal (32),Orissa (17), Jharkand (10), Bihar (6), and Maharashtra(2). The same six States suffered fatalities in 2009 too—– Chattisgarh ( 121), Jharkand (67), Maharashtra ( 52), Orissa (32), Bihar (25 ), and West Bengal (15). While the ground situation has remained as serious in Chattisgarh as it was in 2009, it has Related to this you can read:… […]

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