In no less than a thirty day span, President Barack Obama has witnessed full blown fires threaten to incinerate his goal of being re-elected to a second term as President of the United States. Former Governor Mitt Romney can not accept responsibility for the launch of these heat seeking missiles that have en-flamed the President’s camp. But Romney isn’t complaining. He is definitely reaping the benefits from the apparent chaos. Why wouldn’t he? Just watching the Obama campaign implode from within must be very entertaining for the GOP to watch. There is so much recent raw material in the press from Obama supporters that Romney really doesn’t need to spend too much energy or fundraising money on manipulating or distorting President Obama’s record. Why? All Romney has to do is rewind the various gaffes, blunders and bloopers made by those who claim to support the re-election of President Barack Obama. That makes for some pretty interesting campaign ads.

First, on May 6, 2012, Vice President Joe Biden, who is known for having an acute case of diarrhea of the mouth, let it slip on national television that he supports same sex marriage and is “absolutely comfortable” with the idea BEFORE the Obama Administration was willing to address it. At the time, the Obama Administration had not yet officially “evolved” on the subject and furthermore the President planned to discuss his feelings on same sex marriage at a much later date, but was forced to address it soon after the Vice President’s blunder. The Obama Administration denies that Vice President Biden had a case of the running mouth that particular Sunday morning, but does admit that the Vice President “went off script” that day. Even the President himself denied any harsh feelings or words of reprimand for his Vice President’s rogue comments. But that little spark fanned the flames of the same sex marriage debate that singed President Obama that particular week.

Next we have Newark, New Jersey Mayor, Democrat Cory Booker. On May 20, 2012, Mayor Booker appeared on “Meet The Press” as part of a panel discussion on the different issues related to the election campaign itself for both candidates. The topic turned to political campaign ads and that was when Mayor Booker stepped in it and caused a national conversation. Mayor Booker compared the President’s campaign ads that attacked Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital with the Jeremiah Wright ads that circulated back in 2008. Mayor Booker said that the President’s campaign ad was “nauseating” and a “distraction”. The Obama Administration was incensed! Once again, a gaffe, blooper, and blunder torpedo hits the campaign and a fire starts. May 21, 2012, Mitt Romney released a campaign ad that featured Mayor Booker in a starring role. Soon, after a White House intervention, Mayor Booker back peddled his comments and reaffirmed his commitment to the President.

And finally, former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton suggested in an interview on June 7, 2012 that the Bush tax cuts should be extended. President Obama has repeatedly stated that he would not be extending the Bush tax cuts. Another launch. Target hit. Fire. David Axelrod, strategist for the Obama campaign immediately went on CNN and even though he said he wasn’t looking for an “apology” from the former President, but an apology is what the Obama campaign received just a day after Clinton went rogue. Not only is Bill Clinton guilty of a gaffe, blooper, and blunder, the former President is also guilty of being a little soft where it comes to Mitt Romney. Recently, Clinton was quoted saying that Romney had a “sterling” business record and in defense of his complimentary appraisal of Romney, he went on to say that “I don’t think I should have to say bad things about Gov. Romney personally to disagree with him politically.”

What’s the deal?

These three incidents prove only one thing: The President needs to tighten up his camp. Everyone associated with the re-election campaign should be briefed thoroughly and informed that going rogue and off script will definitely not be tolerated. There may very well be party divisions over where the country is headed and how that should take place, but during an election year, all of the in-fighting and chaos should be tabled and the focus diverted to the re-election of the party leader. In this case, that would be President Barack Obama. When Obama supporters sit down for an interview with the press, the main topic of discussion should be WHY, as a political entity, President Obama deserves a second term. The clear focus should be on the President’s record, which is his platform, and how his plan to move the nation forward deserves a chance.

Discussions outside of President Obama’s re-election campaign parameter should be discouraged and stamped out like a spark. This is not the time to market and nurture ones own political aspirations and ideals. This is not the time to plump up approval ratings if your name is not President Barack Obama. The Obama campaign needs to effectively streamline, define and curtail the voices that the media broadcasts. To do this, a cohesive front should be created that fosters the image of party unity and cohesiveness that decimates the established public image of divisiveness.

In other words, it would be nice if everyone associated with the President’s re-election campaign force themselves to stay on the same page. No more going off-script. No more inane bloopers. No more giving brownie points to the Romney campaign. No more inadvertently making the President look like a fool! Get on the SAME page and STAY there. At least until November 5, 2012.

Is that TOO much to ask?

Written by Tracey Ricks Foster


Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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  1. JayBee says:

    It’s still early yet. The President hasn’t fully dug into Romney yet. Romney is being treated with kid gloves because it’s more entertaining to cover a close race than a blowout. Mitt Romney is NOT a true candidate and that will bear out as the season goes on. He is just a guy trying to fulfill his daddy’s dream of being President. These surrogate slip ups are going to happen, but at least if they happen early, you can correct it and the damage is minimal. The Obama team won before because everybody’s roles were defined, it was a tight ship and the leaks were almost non-existant. The heat will be turned up on Mitten the Kitten and it won’t be the surrogates that do it. The President will hit him in the fall with the full force of the bully pulpit and that’ll be all she wrote.

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Thanks for your comment, JayBee!! I agree. The full force of the Obama campaign is definitely forthcoming! These next couple of months I’m sure the President and his top campaign strategists will work out the kinks!

      Thanks for reading The Washington Review and Commentary!

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