Commentary: What President Barack Obama And His DNC Speech Must Do To Win America’s Vote

When President Barack Obama stands before America, DNC delegates, and the world Thursday evening, he has got to deliver the goods. Former President Bill Clinton, like an excellent defense attorney, made a clear cut argument, point by point, why American voters should re-elect President Barack Obama for another term.

The First Lady Michelle Obama hit a major grand slam Tuesday with a speech that will go down in history as one of the most powerful statements that a First Lady can make in behalf of their incumbent spouse. Both President Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama prepared the ground work for President Obama. All the President needs to do Thursday evening is bring the theme to a climatic conclusion: “Why I Deserve Your Vote of Confidence For Another Four Years.”

President Obama must make and prove his case to the American public. His speech can be as detailed as he would like to prepare it. But the key will be in the deliverance. How will the President deliver his speech? What the President must do is explain, not in his usual laid back way, the core principles and strategies that has made his administration and term successful for middle class America.

As President Obama speaks to America, he needs to appeal to his audience. Make his message conversational, lively, descriptive, but positive. Lay it on the line. He can not be afraid to appear human, but he needs to speak from the heart. Americans will have to feel every last word he says. Like the head coach of a championship team at the Super Bowl or Final Four, President Obama’s speech should motivate, invigorate and inspire everyone that can see him on television and on the radio. Like NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders, President Obama should run with that speech like a whole crew of three hundred pound football players are chasing him, fiercely, and with great power, sprinting forcefully into the in zone!

 From the moment the President walks out in front of America, he has to grab the attention and wring the life out of it. President Obama can not be scared to stand up for his policies; even the controversial ones like the Affordable Care Act. When President Obama whips it out on America Thursday evening, he has to let his inner Don Cornelius out! Put some SOUUUUUUUUL all the way into that speech. The President needs to put his natural foot in it!

Hopefully, President Obama watched the video of President Clinton’s speech and took some notes because Thursday evening is the night where if he doesn’t make his case for a second term, there might not be one.

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