The Washington Review And Commentary Endorses Barack Obama For A Second Term

The Washington Review and Commentary officially endorses Presidential Candidate Barack H. Obama for the Office of President.

In the four years that The Washington Review and Commentary has documented and officially reported correspondence from the White House, the United States, under Barack H. Obama, witnessed a nation plummet into a scary, unpredictable recession that caused a landslide, ripple effect that plunged Americans into a financial abyss and turmoil.

As President, Barack H. Obama’s bailout of the auto industry single-handedly saved not only the state of Michigan, but Ohio and Indiana, thus thwarting the death grip that would have seen massive unemployment, debt  and poverty for the workers and families effected.

As President, Barack Obama succeeded where Presidents Clinton and Roosevelt failed before him: The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Obamacare, the result of the dream, hard work, dedication and commitment of Teddy Kennedy, now affords millions of Americans the possibility to get health care despite pre-existing conditions, lack of employment, life threatening illness or age.

As President, Barack H. Obama signed into law the Lily Ledbetter Act that secures the right of women to be compensated fairly regardless of gender. Barack H. Obama fulfilled a campaign promise to search for new and efficient methods of clean energy and is the first President in fifty years to reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil.

The Washington Review and Commentary acknowledges that the President and America still have a long road ahead. The job is not complete. However, President Barack H. Obama has dug in and laid a foundation, with one hand tied behind his back in the form of a crippling and ineffective Congress, and is willing to finish what he proposed to carry out in 2008.

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