What is the REAL deal behind the series of bloopers and blunders that it appears President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are making lately? First, the White House Press Office release a statement that the President and the First Lady are vacationing – separately. Next, there was the confusing drama surrounding the visit of the very beautiful and intoxicating Miss Israel to the United States. The first Black Miss Israel, Yityish Aynaw, was extended an invitation to dinner at the White House with President Obama last month. Not dinner with the First Family. Not dinner with the President and the First Lady. Just dinner with the President. Miss Israel’s camp declined the invitation. Sources report that the invite was re-extended with a message that it was non-negotiable. Interesting. First Lady Michelle Obama does an interview about the importance of accessible healthy food and ends up calling herself a “single mother” and then makes a poor attempt to clarify her blooper. And Thursday at a Democratic fundraiser, President Obama called California Attorney General Kamala Harris “by far the best-looking attorney general in the country.” What was that all about? Blatant flirting? In public? White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday that the President called Kamala Harris Thursday night to apologize for his flirty statement and that “he did not want in any way want to diminish the attorney general’s accomplishments and capabilities” when he blurted that she was fine!

What is going on with the First Couple? Whatever it is, it ain’t pretty. On one side, you have a First Lady stating that she is single, and on the other side, you have a President flirting like he is single.  Being the President of The United States is not an easy job. The President is the leader of the Free World. That job carries a tremendous amount of pressure, stress, and responsibility. Long days and even longer nights. When the President-Elect takes the Oath of Office, his role as president and husband are fused together. There is no way around it. Both roles are housed in the same building. This more than likely adds untold amounts of strain on a marriage. The First Lady has to share her husband with the world. Literally. But that is the life of a politician, right? If what some say happens to be true, the First Lady has endured the strains of being the wife of a politician for a very long time. Unhappily. Who can forget the rumblings of marital discord during the campaign in 2007-2008? The rumors that then Senator Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s marriage was irretrievably broken? Conservative media commentated on the state of the Obamas marriage, but were quickly rebuffed. Fast forward to 2013. Logically, after all of the bloopers and blunders and command dinner invites, one can sense that there is something wrong.
Let’s just go there and say that the President and First Lady are definitely going through a difficult time in their marriage and relationship. Wouldn’t be the first time that a First Couple entertained marital strife and discord. They are human. They are just like any other married couple. The only difference is that their married life is on display for the whole world to take a glimpse and judge. What if President Obama and the First Lady are going through the fire in their marriage? The evidence is overwhelming that this apparently is the case. What should they do? Get on the same page! No more private dinners with beautiful women without the First Lady present. Even if the First Lady is cool with it, do not let word get past the inner circle that this is what is going on. Whomever leaked the info about Miss Israel and the White House invite should be fired. Separate vacations without a plausible excuse as to why are unacceptable. It leaves room for interpretation. Make something up. That is what publicists are for. Stay on script. It looks really great when the President and the First Lady appear to speak extemporaneously. It makes them likable. However, sometimes, this can be damaging. Like the “I’m a single mother” gaffe. Stick with the prepared script. That way it keeps down the chances of an unconscious slip of the tongue. For the President: No More Flirting! It is not cute! Yes. There was laughter after that flirtatious blooper. Uncomfortable laughter from a confused and stunned audience. It may be difficult to do, Mr. President, but in public, flirt only with your wife.
Just a little helpful, free, advice to the President and First Lady Michelle Obama. I wouldn’t go there if I didn’t love you!
This commentary is courtesy of INTELLECTUAL POP, http://intellectzone.blogspot.com  

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