THE EBOLA CRISIS IN AMERICA: President Barack Obama: “We Are Taking This {Ebola Crisis} Very Seriously”


President Obama announced late Wednesday that he has gathered a team of experts together to discuss containment solutions to the spread of the dreaded Ebola virus. After expressing deep concerns over the second nurse to contract the virus, Amber Vinson, President Obama outlined details of what he believes should be next on how the medical community and the world should handle this medical crisis.

“First of all, what I’ve directed the CDC to do is that as soon as somebody is diagnosed with Ebola, we want a rapid response team, a SWAT team, essentially, from the CDC to be on the ground as quickly as possible — hopefully within 24 hours — so that they are taking the local hospital step by step through exactly what needs to be done and making sure that all the protocols are properly observed; that the use of protective equipment is done effectively; that disposal of that protective equipment is done properly,” the president stated. An ongoing and “real-time” up to date review of all protocol of everything that transcribed when Thomas Duncan, the first U.S. Ebola patient, walked through the doors of a Dallas hospital exhibiting symptoms of the deadly virus is currently underway according the health officials in Dallas.

The President continued by disputing previous reports that Ebola is airborne, however suggested that through contact-tracing, anyone who may have had contact with an infected individual “even if it was incidental contact, even if they weren’t showing symptoms — being able to identify who those individuals are and make sure that they are then being monitored in a way that allows us to make certain that the disease does not spread further.  And that’s currently taking place in a very aggressive process conducted by the CDC, HHS, and the rest of our teams.”

President Obama enumerated plans to carefully monitor the health officials and professionals in Dallas and examine the screening process at airports across the country. “I am absolutely confident that we can prevent a serious outbreak of the disease here in the United States,” President Obama concluded Wednesday evening, “but it becomes more difficult to do so if this epidemic of Ebola rages out of control in West Africa.  If it does, then it will spread globally in an age of frequent travel and the kind of constant interactions that people have across borders.”


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