THE EBOLA CRISIS IN AMERICA: President Obama: “I Understand People Are Worried…And Scared”


Thursday President Barack Obama met with the press in the Oval Office to discuss how his administration is handling the Ebola Crisis in America. During the press briefing,  President Obama expressed “heartfelt concern” for the two nurses infected with deadly Ebola virus. The president then addressed the breakdown in protocol at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas saying that it appears that “there may have been problems with how protective gear may have been worn or removed.” President Obama went on to state that his administration instituted a “constant monitoring program” for health care workers who treat patients diagnosed with Ebola.

Noting that the spread of Ebola worldwide and its obvious threat to the U.S. is contingent upon the containment and eradication of the virus, President Obama emphasized that the “most important” thing to do is to focus on the source of the outbreak in West Africa. As far as banning travel, the president was unsure of restricting travel because  “if we institute a travel ban . . .  history shows there’s a likelihood of increased avoidance” which would in turn create “broken travel” and that would mean that “we may end up getting less information about who has the disease.”

President Obama closed out the brief press meeting acknowledging that Americans are frightened but “I do want everyone  to understand it [Ebola] remains a very difficult thing to catch,” the president said with confidence, “the risks involved remain extremely low for ordinary folks. We are taking this very seriously at the highest levels. Starting with me.”


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