Sunday Morning Breakfast: The Vanity And Unfairness of Judging Caitlyn Jenner

I have not written a lot this year about spirituality and/or other things that have been on the edge of my mind because for some reason I wanted to be silent within myself and think. 2014 was a pivotal year for me. I went through so many changes and many experiences that pained me and in some areas, educated and refreshed me. I tuned into myself last year and that was a marvelous and fascinating case study in the fundamental picture of who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. I released my first book and this summer will release a book of intimate poetry. I am finally coming into the woman I want to be. I am a little frayed around the edges and scared, but anything worth having and accomplishing seems scary at first until you are able to see your way through the tunnel and light from the other side guides you to the ultimate goal.

The last weeks of May and the beginning days of June have taught me even more about myself. At forty-seven years old, I believe that I am on the threshold of the most amazing break-through of my life. My travels of a year ago prepared me for the journey I began this new year of 2015. When the former Bruce Jenner shared with the world his journey from manhood to womanhood, I was receptive to the energy s/he was engaging. In my opinion, the energy was spiritual in nature and I was empathetic to the force field it created. I have engaged in such powerful energy before so I respect it. I sat riveted to my television as the human entity formerly known as Bruce detailed the journey of Caitlyn. It was heartbreaking to me because I could touch the pain of being shoved into a presence surrounded by the barbed wire of fear, screaming to be released, yet desiring acceptance. A sixty-five year long journey has birthed the spiritual being now known to the world as Caitlyn Jenner.

It is interesting to me that there are some who practice a form of religion or religiosity who have made the claims that Caitlyn is mentally ill or for some reason has displeased God by challenging the physicality of the humanity in which she was born. To some, this is a sin of sorts. In my opinion, I believe that religion has once again failed its discipleship. If we are to believe that God is an invisible moving force so infinitely powerful that with simply the tiniest mustard grain seed of faith, the insurmountable can be challenged and defeated, how is it that those who believe this are unable to see the Spirit behind the human eyes? Why is it that flesh and blood is tangible when the belief that the unseen and invisible offers the keys to heavenly life? If the Bible teaches that invisibility and immortality are obtainable to humanity, in our physicality, should we not also be able to see past the skin, blood and bones to the inner person?

Those who claim to worship a God they have never seen disregard the spirituality of the human being that they are capable of seeing. I saw the spiritual essence of Caitlyn as she sat in her home speaking to Diane Sawyer and the world about her birth and the cessation of Bruce Jenner. To actually view her on the cover of Vanity Fair placed the vision of what I thought she would appear as into a physical form. I had already accepted Caitlyn without a single shred of doubt or suspicion. How? This is where religion has disabled its’ disciples: If one can touch humanity, one can feel spirituality. Spirituality is that part of ourselves that is borne from the acceptance that we are all universally connected to that which is greater than ourselves. If we are indeed spiritual, we will see the humanity and spirituality of other human beings thus rendering us the capability to love and accept our fellow human without rules, borders, constraints, fear, and religiosity. Acceptance doesn’t come from our own understanding or the theology of a religious order. Acceptance comes from the acknowledgement that we are all spiritual creatures with ties to the Universe and to be spiritual we have to continue our earth journey giving and receiving the unequivocal balanced equation of compassion, empathy, and peace. Nothing more. Nothing less. Give, seek, and rest. Spirituality at its zenith.

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