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Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Plans To Be A ‘No Show’ At Obama Rally Tonight

Scandal plagued Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick announced today that he would not be attending the rally to be held for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama tonight. Mayor Kilpatrick, in a press conference held Monday afternoon, stated that the decision to not

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Tim Russert: “We Will Miss You!”

Friday afternoon, journalism stalwart Tim Russert died of a massive heart attack. He was fifty-eight. The moderator of the longest running television show, “Meet The Press,” Tim Russert infused new life and energy into “Meet The Press” more than seventeen

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BET Founder Bob Johnson Speaks…But No-one Is Listening

Has former BET Chairman Bob Johnson deluded himself into believing that the African American community really gives a care what his sentiments are regarding this Presidential election? Thanks to him, there’s a whole generation of African Americans who don’t even

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Clinton and Obama Face Off In Yet Another Debate

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were at it again in another long, seemingly endless debate on Wednesday night. After a string of debates that has made this election season seem like a Michigan winter, Senator Clinton and front-runner Senator

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