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First Lady Michelle Obama Fires Jackie Norris And Promotes Friend Susan Sher To The Post Of Chief Of Staff!

First Lady Michelle Obama replaced Jackie Norris as her Chief of Staff and named Susan Sher to the post. There has been some speculation as to why this East Wing shake-up occured but one thing about this change should be

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The Sexist New Yorker Magazine Is BAAACK! Michelle Obama On Cover As An African American Barbie!

In its’ never-ending quest to define the official role of First Lady, print media has taken it upon themselves to create a description of Michelle Obama. Supposing that perhaps to have an educated African American First Lady in the White

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Analysis: Can Barack Obama Deliver On His Promises?

In his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama  revealed his plan of action if he should win the presidency in November. Obama’s plan touched on every aspect of American living from universal health care, tax relief for

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For Those Who Have No Clue About What ACORN Is About

ACORN has been in the news these past days because of voters registration fraud. Meaning? There were some dishonest employees of ACORN who took advantage of their employer and decided to get a check for zero work. That is unfortunate. But

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The Final Word: Did Wednesday’s Debate Cement Barack Obama’s Victory?

With the last and final Presidential debate in the can, it is apparent that according to the latest CNN gallop polls, Sen. Barack Obama is leading among independent voters and the like. Obama has been leading Sen. John McCain by

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Why Can’t ‘We All Just Get Along’? More Accusations And Attacks! More Mud Slinging! Are You As Sick As We Are?

A Letter From The Editor: It is quite disheartening to turn on the television these days. The misleading campaign ads, the squabbling between political commentators and Lou Dobbs’ gradual ‘washing that gray right outta his hair,’ makes for some pretty

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Fox News Won’t Let Go Of A Good Thing…Drags Jesse Back For More Of The Same

FOX News refuses to let go of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s jugular! Now, a FOX News insider confirms that Rev. Jesse Jackson did indeed use the “N” word in the midst of his tirade against Sen. Barack Obama last week. Saying

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